Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday 3rd July - A Tour of San Francisco

Across the Bridge by richardfrost
Across the Bridge, a photo by richardfrost on Flickr.

Our Limo tour was booked for 11:30 so I had time to buy binoculars first and ended up with an iPad keyboard from Radio Shack whilst waiting for the binoculars store to open. Turns out the guy was really helpful, I got a good deal and free tips for Yosemite. Apparently Sheiks fly in to visit his shop. Haven't they heard of the Internet?

Our tour driver was Mark. We drank all his beer and champagne, got stuck in holiday traffic and ended up with a 6 hour tour for the price of 5. See the photos on flickr for the itinerary. I won't bore you with the details as the photos tell a better story.
House on Pacific Heights

Spotted this house in Pacific Heights from the Limo and really liked the architecture, si I fired off a shot through the window. Later, in Vegas we came across a painting of this house and the view down the cable car route to the Bay.

Went to Pier 39 afterwards and ate at the crab shack. Only 4 seals there at the end of a long day

End of a hard day?