Sunday, July 03, 2011

Is this dead?

Is this dead? by richardfrost
Is this dead?, a photo by richardfrost on Flickr.

Talk about a dead leg. This is my ankle after 22 hours inside a compression stocking and walking fucking miles around three airports. So not just a sprain. Apparently, there's a small fracture in there somewhere. Good job you don't need your left foot to drive in America.

I spent my final hours before setting off on this trip in various combinations of Casualty Review Clinics, X-Ray departments, Pharmacies and on the phone to the Travel Insurance people, after my ankle sprain was upgraded to a minor fracture.

Having bought a walking stick I thought I would be fine, but because of concerns over Deep Vein Thrombosis, I had to wear a surgical stocking, thigh length in black, very kinky. But this photo reveals what I saw when I finally took it off. The compression really brought out the bruising.

Of course walking miles around New Jersey airport looking for a McDonalds for Ben didn't help. The kids told me I should have flagged down Taaj in his electric cart to ferry us around. Actually, I did get asked once to 'cut the line' at Security because of the leg.