Sunday, July 03, 2011

Is this dead?

Is this dead? by richardfrost
Is this dead?, a photo by richardfrost on Flickr.

Talk about a dead leg. This is my ankle after 22 hours inside a compression stocking and walking fucking miles around three airports. So not just a sprain. Apparently, there's a small fracture in there somewhere. Good job you don't need your left foot to drive in America.

I spent my final hours before setting off on this trip in various combinations of Casualty Review Clinics, X-Ray departments, Pharmacies and on the phone to the Travel Insurance people, after my ankle sprain was upgraded to a minor fracture.

Having bought a walking stick I thought I would be fine, but because of concerns over Deep Vein Thrombosis, I had to wear a surgical stocking, thigh length in black, very kinky. But this photo reveals what I saw when I finally took it off. The compression really brought out the bruising.

Of course walking miles around New Jersey airport looking for a McDonalds for Ben didn't help. The kids told me I should have flagged down Taaj in his electric cart to ferry us around. Actually, I did get asked once to 'cut the line' at Security because of the leg.

Arrived in style

Arrive in style by richardfrost
Arrive in style, a photo by richardfrost on Flickr.

Well we certainly arrived in style in to San Francisco. We were collected by our driver, Savoy, in his beautiful stretch limo, after around 22 hours after leaving home. He drove us in style to our hotel at Fisherman's Wharf.

Around 10pm we went out to eat at Fisherman's Wharf. Shrimp and Garlic chips. garlic Chips! Chips....with Garlic!

I have to say Continental Airlines are pretty good. The flight to Newark was great with good leg room (important to me, see next entry), and free inboard entertainment. Food was OK also.great views of New York also as we landed and from the airport. We must go there soon.

Flight on to San Francisco was a bit more tedious, same leg room and free soft drinks but everything else was charged for. At least I got some lime with my $6 Corona.

Finally, I always leave something behind, and this trip it is my brand new 50th birthday present £200 compact binoculars. The wonder of Google and Google Maps tells me there is a binocular store one block over so guess where I'm heading after breakfast? Anyone want to buy an unused pair of binoculars?

Same method has turned up Skates on Haight where Ben can get a new skate deck and shoes.

It is 6 in the morning now, I've slept 5 hours maybe and I'm wide awake. We have our stretch limo tour of San Francisco later so it's going to be a great day.